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Have questions about Bitcoin? Schedule a video call with one of our expert consultants.We have gathered in depth understanding of these subjects, and have helped many to grok them.Check out the free resources we have already produced, and ask questions here. Give a small donation per hour at the end of your call, you can schedule as long and often as you want.



Nodl, your personal bitcoin assistant, running all the important software in one metal box.BTCPayServer, the self-sovereign payment processor, with easy integration in your own website.English, French
5,000,000 SAT / Hour

Juan Galt

Best tools for securing coins + setup troubleshooting, including Electrum multi signatures and other advanced smart contracts.The basics of estate planning, so that your heirs can keep stacking your sats.Coin fundamentals & Market analysisEnglish, Spanish
1,000,000 SAT / 90 Minutes

Max Hillebrand

Austrian Economics, the applied science of purposeful human actionWasabi Wallet, the privacy first Bitcoin walletCold Card Wallet, the hyper security bitcoin cold storage deviceBisq Network, the self hosted peer to peer Bitcoin exchangeLightning Network, the fast, cheap and private scaling method for BitcoinGPG, control your keys, not just for Bitcoin, but for your communication as wellEnglish, German
3,000,000 SAT / Hour

1,500,000 SAT / Hour

Niko Laamanen

Trezor: Learn how to protect your savings and how to securely sign messages using this personal tool for sovereignty.Game theory: Learn what moves and motivates people. Learn how to create a game that everyone can win just by playing.Starfish organizations: Learn how to form partnerships and coalitions that are not only resilient but antifragile. Starfish organisations are not a way to accomplish something fast but to accomplish anything slowly.English, Finnish
2,000,000 SAT / Hour

1,000,000 SAT / Hour

Crypto Rafe

Bitcoin and altcoins, learn the basics of cryptocurrencies and the differences between them. Wallets and exchanges, how and where to get and how to store your coins safely. Game theory and incentive models, the different methods of achieving your goals through motivating and incentivicing wanted behaviour.Privacy basics, learn how to not leave unwanted traces of your purchases and transactionsEnglish, Finnish
2,000,000 SAT / Hour

1,000,000 SAT / Hour

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Justin Moon

Electrum, a versatile Bitcoin walletBitcoin programming750,000 SAT / Hour